Agents of Change Program

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The Faculty of Health is recruiting students who are interested in starting their own healthy initiative – their own personal “Agents of Change Project”. These initiatives can cover a broad range of categories, including physical, mental, and sexual health, or any of the social determinants of health. Projects that are selected will receive funding from the Faculty of Health to help with start-up costs (up to $500). Students can seek additional funding by crowd sourcing or fundraising. Selected candidates will receive training on how to start-up and finance their project. Students can apply individually or in groups of up to 5 members.

Some benefits of applying for this program include:

  • Gaining transferable leadership skills
  • Obtaining project management experience
  • Learning how to budget and crowd source
  • Developing your networking skills
  • Gaining real world experience
  • Strengthening written and verbal communication skills
  • Gaining entrepreneurial experience

To learn more about past projects, the application process, or the program click the links above!

For more information, contact the Office of the Master, Calumet College & Stong College at