Student Clubs

If you are looking to get involved, check out the many student-led organizations that are affiliated with Stong College.

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Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine is an initiative started by American Physician Dr. Robert E. Sallis. Through launching the EIM initiative, he promotes exercise as a solution to a number of chronic diseases and illnesses. Thus, the EIM mission is to provide abundant evidence on the benefits of physical activity and eventually have exercise prescribed by physicians. EIMC @ York is one of many divisions of Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) on Canadian campuses. Our mission is to foster early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals. Thus our purpose on campus is to:

1. Promote physical activity as a means of prevention and treatment of disease within York University

2. Provide information and resources to assist health care providers in prescribing exercise as medicine

3. Increase the amount of York University students meeting the Canadian PA guidelines

We plan to accomplish these by hosting a number of events on campus as well as collaborating with a number of other York University clubs.

Visit their Site, YU Connect, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or email for more information.

Look out for EIMC on campus!

Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization (KAHSSO)

The main purpose of the Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization is to provide a central focus for the students and faculty involved in the undergraduate Kinesiology and Health Science degree program.

KAHSSO in collaboration with Stong College SCSG (Stong College Student Government is offering FREE Peer Tutoring service to core KINE courses: KINE 1000, KINE 1020, KINE 2011, KINE 2031, KINE 2049, KINE 2050, KINE 3012, KINE 3020, KINE 3030, KINE 4010 and KINE 4020.

Location: SC 111 (JCR)

For more details and peer tutoring hours, please contact KAHSSO at

Visit their  Site, YU Connect, Facebook, or email for more information.

Nursing Student Association of York (NSAY)

NSAY was created to:

1. Serve as an organized liaison between the students and faculty of the School of Nursing.

2. Provide peer support within the nursing student body during transition from program entrance through graduation and encourage student participation in professional nursing organizations.

3. Participate in outreach programs that involve local and global communities.

4. Coordinate social events for nursing students and faculty.

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Nursing Student Tutoring, Ambassadorship and Mentorship Programs (NSTAMP)

Nursing Student Tutoring, Ambassadorship and Mentorship Programs (NSTAMP) is a student-led association that collaborates with the Stong College and the School of Nursing with the objective to assist incoming and current nursing students transition into the 3 programs offered at York University – Collaborative, 2nd Entry, and Internationally Educated Nurses transition into the 3 nursing programs offered at York University - Collaborative, 2nd Entry and Internationally Educated Nurses.

We provide different types of services that will help them achieve a positive and successful experience including tutoring, mentoring, lab facilitation and ambassadorship services. Our vision is to guide students through mentoring relationships fostered through the use of online media and face-to-face interactions. Our mission is to provide nursing students with a positive and successful experience during their studies by connecting new students with a team of enthusiastic and qualified students, who act as their Peer Leaders.

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Second Entry Nursing Association (2NA)

This is a one-stop shop for 2nd entry nursing students.

2nd entry program students are undergraduates with degrees from a diverse range of academic backgrounds (arts, engineering, biology). We want to share our life skills and passion with others in our program, and to anyone else that will listen.

We meet regularly to practice nursing skills, form study groups and go over specific supplementary materials from our common core classes. We hold regular study skills sessions like how to study in a group, ANKI flashcards, and Pomodoro methods with study halls were we implement these concepts. Additionally, we maintain contact with other nursing organizations at york and with course coordinators and with the nursing simulation lab.

We are an inward-facing group that is focused on helping each other become the best nurses we can be.

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The Ascend Network

The Ascend Network (TAN) organizes Ascend, an overnight retreat, focused on redefining leadership through eye-opening discussions, inspiring speakers and team-building activities. This retreat aims to bridge the gap between student leaders of various disciplines; regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex, creed, or colour.

Now in our 4th year, over 100 students will hone their leadership skills, form meaningful peer support groups and will be encouraged to take on local initiatives with a global mindset. Over the course of 3 days and 3 nights, delegates will embark on a leadership retreat at Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake from May 6-8 2018.

Perks of Ascending:

  • Certificate for 96 hours of leadership development
  • YU-Connect hours to supplement Co-Curricular Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Exclusive Membership in The Ascend Network & access to our Alumni Network
  • Ascend Manual, T-shirt and Care Package in a Drawstring Bag

Visit their Site, YU Connect, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email for more information.