Drawn from York and beyond, Stong College Fellows meaningfully contribute to a diversified, vigorous, and healthy community for students. Through participation in college life, Fellows help sustain the rich cultural and intellectual mosaic of Stong College. They do so through a variety of activities such as mentoring and guiding students, informal meets, TASTE (Take A Student To Eat) program, formal seminars and colloquia, conferences, public speaking and other special events that support the four pillars of Stong’s intellectual mandate: language and literature, sport and physical activity, multiculturalism, and social commitment.

Fellows further support the college by helping with the transition of incoming first-year students during Academic Orientation and at other times throughout the year, and by adjudicating applications for college awards, scholarships, prizes and competitions. Each Fellow decides on the way she/he contributes to college life.

Individuals become Fellows at the invitation of the Head of Stong College and by being nominated by the community at large. If you would like to share your passions or nominate other individuals to the fellowship at Stong, please contact the Head of Stong College at the following email account: scchelp@yorku.ca.

NameExtensionEmail AddressArea of Expertise
Olasunkanmi Adegokex20887oadegoke@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science & Muscle Health Research Centre
Vermonja Alstonx33848valston@yorku.caDept. of English
Astra Avensx44459astra@yorku.caInformation Technology & Publications
Albert Bainx77302thesnail@yorku.caManager, Orange Snail
Romana Bahryx55016 or x33563rbahry@yorku.caDept of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Robert Bainbbain@yorku.ca
Joe Bakerx22361bakerj@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science and York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE)
Rebecca Bassett-Gunterx22072rgunter@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Lesley Beagriex22345lbeagrie@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Robert Bishopx22586rbishop@yorku.caOffice of Student and Academic Services
Michael Bonix30141mboni@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science
Cathy Boyd-Withersx33215cathybw@yorku.caPersonal Counselling and Learning Skills Services
Patricia Bradleyx33182bradleyp@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Dave Chambersdchamber@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science
Leah Collisonx40671collison@yorku.caCounselling & Disability Services (CDS)
Liz Cookx40792lizcook@yorku.caEmployer and Alumni Liaison
Julia Creetx66255creet@yorku.caDept of English
Anne Crozierx23086crozier@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Mayolyn Dagsix22151dagsi@yorku.caCareer Centre
Isolde Daiskix66616idaiski@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Mahdieh Dastjerdix31085dastjerd@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Steve Dranitsarissdrano@rogers.com
Suzanne Dubeaux70798sdubeau@yorku.caArchives & Special Collections, Library
Wally Dybax77294wdyba@yorku.caSport and Recreation & School of Kinesiology & Health Science
Len Earlyx44573early@yorku.caDept of English
Heather Edgellx22927edgell@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science
Maurice Elliottx77452melliott@yorku.caDept of English
Monica H. Elliottx22703monicah@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science
Mazyar Fallahx21479hhadri@yorku.caOffice of the Dean
Margarita Feliciano(416) 487-6787feliciano@glendon.yorku.caAntares Publishing House
Caitlin Fisherx22199caitlin@yorku.caDept of Cinema & Media Arts
Frances Flintx77321fflint@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Sheila Forshawx70711sforshaw@yorku.caVice-Provost Students
Mary Foxx23088maryfox@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Cosentino Frankfrankc@yorku.ca
Jessica Fraser-Thomasx20592jft@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Ramona Frial-Brownx21048mfrial@yorku.caPersonal Counselling & Learning Skills Services
Josephine Fungx21032jfung@yorku.caOffice of Student and Academic Services
Will Gagex22074whgage@yorku.caAssociate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning
Mazen Hamadehx66176hamadeh@yorku.caOffice of the College Head, Stong College
Gabriele Hardtx33487ghardt@yorku.caOffice of the College Head, Calumet & Stong College
Bouraoui Hedix77323bouraoui@yorku.caDept of French Studies, Faculty of LA&PS
Lesley Higginsx22344ljhiggins@aol.comDept of English, Faculty of LA&PS
Kari Hoffmanx22392khoffman@yorku.caDept of Psychology, Faculty of Health
Cindy Hughesx77232chughes@yorku.caSport and Recreation
Hernan Humanax66910hhumana@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Colin Inglisx44669cinglis@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology and Health Science
Tadeusz Jaworskitamtad@rogers.com
Nancy Johnstonx30456johnston@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Jair Kallidumbilx22694jairak@yorku.caCentre for Student Community & Leadership Development
Gus Kandilasx77482kandilas@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Auroosa Kazmix77307akazmi@yorku.caOffice of the College Head, Stong College, Calumet College, OSAS
Patricia Keeneyx20839patdon@yorku.caDept of English
Marianne Kelleymarianne.kelley@peelsb.com
Roger Keltonx33219rkelton@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Melanie Kongstongrlc@yorku.ca
Allen Koretskyx30141koretsky@yorku.caDept of English
Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooyx40075jkvan@yorku.caSteacie Science and Engineering Library
Andrew Kuczerandrew.kuczer@rogers.com
Christine Kurtz Landyx44970kurtzlcm@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Ermine Leaderx20037eleader@yorku.caPersonal Counselling & Learning Skills Services
Harriet Lewisharrietlewis43@gmail.com
Lillie Lumx20037lum@yorku.caSchool of Health Policy & Management/ School of Nursing
Judith Macdonnellx77515jmacdonn@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Ilo-Katryn Maimetsx33927ilo@yorku.aSteacie Science and Engineering Library
Claire Mallettex33594cmallett@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Greg Malszekigregm@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Tracey Melochex77209tmeloche@yorku.caSport & Recreation
Merv Mosherx66922mmosher@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Jennifer Myersx55968jmyers@yorku.caAthletics & Recreation
Rajiv Narianix20396rajivn@yorku.caSteacie Science and Engineering Library
Julie Nilsen-Berecx20069nilsenj@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Allison Ogilviex77302allisonogilvie29@gmail.comManager, Orange Snail
Modupe Olaogunx22223olaogun@yorku.caDept of English
Karin Page-Cutrarax33920kcutrara@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Peter Paoluccix33281paolucci@yorku.caDept of English
Kelly Parrkparr@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Eva Pelsachovichx33931peva@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Beryl Pilkingtonx30697bpilking@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Steven Pinterx22669jspinter@yorku.caDept of Sociology
Bruce Powex33775bpowe@yorku.caDept of English
Saba Rafiqx20816srafiq@yorku.caCentre for Student Community & Leadership Development
Art Reddingx22143aredding@yorku.caDept of English
Souad Redouanex22153redouane@yorku.caDept of English
Nicolette Richardsonx33237nrichar@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Virginia Rockvjrock@candesign.com
Francesca Di Rosa(416) 487-6777frdirosa@glendon.yorku.caDept of Hispanic Studies
Grace Rossx3352rossg@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Phyllis Rozendalx22395rozendal@yorku.caDept of English, Writing Department
Michael Sa'dx22326msad@yorku.caPersonal Counselling & Learning Skills Services
Elizabeth Sabistonx44757sabiston@yorku.caDept of English
Parissa Safaix23040psafai@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Antonio Santilli(416 )736-5807asantili@yorku.ca School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Michael Schiffx22264mmschiff@yorku.caOffice of the Dean
Leah Statex33299lstate@yorku.caVice-Provost Students
Agata Stypkax33062agatas@yorku.caOffice of the College Head, Stong College, Calumet College, OSAS
Gill Teimangteiman@yorku.ca
Valerie Toolevaltoole@hotmail.com
Lara Ubaldix77303lara@yorku.caVice-Provost Students, YU Start Lead
Sue Vailx20774suevail@yorku.caAssociate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning
Karen Valihorax30436valihora@yorku.caDept of English
Gail Vanstonex33957gailv@yorku.caDept of Humanities
Laureen Verasammyx22569lverasam@yorku.caDept of English
Maria Wallacex44145mariawal@yorku.caSchool of Nursing
Susan Warwickx77021swarwick@yorku.caDept of Humanities
Sylvia Waterman-Andersonx33089swaterm@yorku.caDept. of French Studies
Noah Waynex77318noahwayne@gmail.comDept of English, Dept of Humanities
Allan Weissaweiss@yorku.caSchool of Kinesiology & Health Science
Eric Willisewillis@yorku.ca
Vietta E. (Sue) Wilsonvwilson@yorku.ca
Sandra Yu x40795sandyu@yorku.caCareer Center
Tom Zivictzivic@yorku.ca
Brigitte Zwarychx33063bzwarych@yorku.caCalumet & Stong Colleges Office